WIRED Germany' spreads
Pages and spreads from issues 01.2017 and 02.2017 of WIRED, in which I freelanced as Acting Creative Director during Axel Lauer's (Creative Director) paternity leave.
Huge, huge thanks to Axel for the opportunity and trust. Also a big thanks to Maren Haupt (Photo Editor) for the incredible support. And the awesome photographers and illustrators I had the chance to work with: Spencer Lowell, Diego Patiño, Tavis Coburn, Christopher DeLorenzo, Gabriel Silveira, Christoffer Rudquist, Yun Wang and many others! And a big shout out to Nikolaus Röttger and the amazing editorial team! Had a blast during those days! Danke!
And off course a big shout out to David Moretti (Wired US) and Andrew Diprose (Wired UK) for all the amazing pages we syndicated and twerked to a little bit :)

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