Vida Simples — Virtudes Possíveis 
Virtudes Possíveis (The Virtues) was a 12 chapters feature on "what we should do, who we should be, and how we should live." The series was written by José Francisco Botelho and illustrated by artist Carlo Giovani. It was inspired on André Comte-Sponville's book ''A Small Treatise on the Great Virtues". The twelve essential virtues were: simplicity, humility, love, patience, generosity, justice, courage, compassion, tolerance, temperance, gentleness and humor.
The creating process was realy working. I would send the article to Carlo and a week later we would spend 2 hours on the phone exchanging ideas and impressions. Then Carlo would sketch the ideas and send me back. I would aprove the sketches with the editors and give feedbacks to Carlo. Then he would start prototyping the paper character and send me back. When all the tests were done, he would finally work on the final version and shoot the photo.

I remember our brainstorm phonecalls were usually so intense that even people from other magazines near me started giving ideas. We also had always great feedback from the readers and it was really great fun working with Carlo on this illustrations... 
Art Direction by Rodolfo França
Paper-cut illustrations by Carlo Giovani
Digital Manipulation by Ruy Reis

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