Vida Simples — Horizontes
Horizontes (Horizons) was a 6-8 pages photo essay feature of Vida Simples magazine. In every issue, we tried to deliver a new surprising story through astonishing images. At most times, the photographer itself would write the story behind the essay.
For me, it was amazing to work closely with so many great photographers, editing their work together with them, combining ideas and trying to sum up large amounts of awesome material in 5 or 6 images. It was a great image editing exercise.   
Art Direction by Rodolfo França
Design by Gabriela Oliveira, Helena Sbeghen and Vanessa Kinoshita
Photography by Angelo Merendino, Carol da Riva, Vinícius Ferreira, Sylvie Robert, Lucille Kanzawa, Marcela Marer, Brian Sokol, Alexandre Macedo, Jessica Hilltout and Fellipe Abreu
Digital Manipulation by Ruy Reis

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