Vida Simples — Comer
Comer (Eat) was a 4-6 pages food feature of Vida Simples magazine.
It was great experience to go deep in the food-styling world, learning the tricks of food photography, pre and post-production. It was always a pleasure to work with Alex, Silvia and Andrea from A2 Imagens. And also a super creativity exercise! Every month, we had to think of a diferent way to feature the food story, planning each scene, learning the recipe, choosing the right dish, the right cutlery, the table, the background and all the other props... It was all set up in studio so we had to plan 100% of each image. It was tough, but Vanessa and I had always lots of fun during the process! (And yes, we got the chance to eat everything after the shooting!).   
Art Direction by Rodolfo França
Design by Vanessa Kinoshita
Photography by Alex Silva
Food-styling by Silvia Marques
Prop-styling by Andrea Silva
Digital Manipulation by Ruy Reis

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