Sinfonia da reforma (Época São Paulo)
Spreads of the 8 pages photoshoot featuring the Theatro Municipal´s (São Paulo´s main theater/opera hall) restoration. 
Even with such amazing photos from Lalo, i still thought that we needed some special type design in this story. So I asked Matheus Barbosa, calligrapher, to work on Martin Majoor "Nexus" typeface, as if he was sketchin the type form, tracing the lines, marks and cuts. 
So the illustrated capitals really speaks with the construction/restoration subject, increasing the harmony in the spreads, becoming reading start-entrances, for the beautiful words that Camilo Vannuchi wrote about the whole situation of the opera hall.
Design by Rodolfo França
Photograph by Lalo de Almeida
Capital Letters by Matheus Barbosa

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