Sinal Aberto (Época São Paulo)
Spreads of the 12 pages cover-story "Sinal Aberto" (Green lights), about the traffic inaugurations (new subway lines, new roads, the orbital motorway and other constructions) of the city of São Paulo.
It all began with understanding the huge amount of information from Camila and the reporters (Nathalia, Eduardo, Victor and Camilo) and thinking the best way to give the reader all that kind of different infos. So Dani Doneda (art editor) and I, along with Camila Hessel (executive editor) and Eduardo Asta (freelancer infographic artist) decided to divide the story in sections, one spread per each. 
We had "Marginais" (River fringes), "Transporte Coletivo" (Public Transport), "Rodoanel" (Orbital Motorway) and "Centro Expandido" (Extended Downtown), along with the opening spread (this one) and the last, "As próximas curvas" (Conclusion - the next curves). I started developing the page design while Dani was briefing Eduardo with lots of maps, graphics and more. We had 2 full weeks to deliver this story, starting from scratch (ground zero, zero information). 
Funny thing about this story is that we had to deliver it at Monday 8pm and at 8:22PM I had the idea of inverting the colours of the spreads! All these 12 pages were actually designed with black type and white background!
But after staring at my Wired mag collection, I realized it would be so much better if we had everything with white type and black background!  So I started inverting everything: all the texts, headers, illustrations, graphics, tables, etc.... while Samuca (Samuel Rodrigues, the other designer) was in charged of the maps... boy, what a task - thanks alot, Samuca!
In the end, we finished shipping the PDFs at 7am, next day. That's life :)

Words by Camila Hessel, Eduardo Zanelato, Nathalia Ziemkiewicz, with Camilo Vannuchi and Victor Ferreira
Design by Daniele Doneda and Rodolfo França
Infographics and Illustrations by Eduardo Asta

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