O Melhor de São Paulo (Época São Paulo)
Pages and spreads from the 80 pages story "O Melhor de São Paulo 2009-2010" (The Best of São Paulo 09'-10'). The story is a massive election of the best of São Paulo, chosen by Época São Paulo's editorial team. 
Dani Doneda (art editor) and I shared the cover story design, so she was in charge of the photographs, choosing the best photographers for each situation along with help from photo editor Andre Sarmento and I was in charge of developing the pages, how the elements would work, how the photos would fit in the page, the grid, the rules, hierarchy among elements, type, what illustrations we may need and so long.
Samuel Rodrigues and Mayra Melo, along with Dani and I were the 4 designers we had to develop the story's 80 pages in a WEEK. (I worked a week on the design project) and we had another week to delivery it to print. A hell of a week I must say.
What I really like about the design of this story is the navigation bar we've created. I didnt want to have every single page tagged with the name of the section (ie.: Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, etc). Instead of that, we came up with the idea of having just the pixelart illustration, running among the pages. Instead of the word "restaurants", you see a nice icon of a chef's hat holding an huge knife and you (the reader) know you are at the restaurante section. 
We asked Marcus Penna to develop the 8 icons, some of them with ideas of what we wanted and some, not. So in the end, we have Mr. Hat (Restaurants), Mr. Bottle (Bars/Pubs), Ms. Disco Ball (Clubs), Mr. Coxinha (Traditional Brazilian chicken pastry - for Snacks section), Mr. Popcorn bag (for Entertainment), Ms. Gift-box (Stores/Fashion), The Crazy Bunny (for Kids section) and the Almighty Kangaroo (Pets). And they show up in a bigger size at the opening page of each section, along with the name of the section, so the reader know where he is in the reading.  
This story won a Award of Excellence at the 2009 SND (Society of News Design), in category "Magazines Features Magazine Cover Story Design"

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