Não chore pelo leite derramado (Vida Simples)
Não chore pelo leite derramado (Don't cry over spilled milk)
On this story, once again we took the headline for granted — and made a mess at the studio! The story was about regrets and the four portraited are Vida Simples's own team (that's myself in the second spread).
Each caption tells a personal regret, from Vanessa's fight with her sister to myself giving up of learning music, from Ana's regret for not travelling alone to Jeanne's regret for participating on the photoshoot. Can't say she was all wrong as I smelled milk for days.
Creative Direction by Rodolfo França
Design by Vanessa Kinoshita
Photography by Julia Rodrigues
Digital Manipulation by Ruy Reis
This story won a merit medal at SND35!

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