Inimigo do Estado (Época São Paulo)
Spreads from "Inimigo do Estado" ("Enemy of the State"), a 10 pages story about the time when Brazilian's President Lula was kept in jail for 31 days, in the early 80's. 
The reporter Camilo Vannuchi made such a great research at The State of São Paulo's Official Archives that we decided to design the story as if we were opening up a top secret file about the President of Brazil. 
I knew it was a pretty obvious way to design the story (not to say boring or cheesy) but Camilo founded so many never-seen-before original documents that we had to do it that way. And I think it was worthy.
It becomes very visual. We give the reader strong images like the one in the opening spread, President Lula's mugshot  in full page size or like in the second spread, when one can read Lula's criminal record, showing his only 9 fingerprints along with personal details (for those who dont know, he lost a finger when younger) also in full page size.
We really had work in this one. Camilo, Marcos Camargo (photographer) and I spent a day at the State Archives, selecting and shooting the documents. Must say Marcos did a great job! The quality of the reproductions is really impressive! Anyway, we also had to go to São Bernardo do Campo Metalworkers' Union building, to reproduce the newspapers from that time (appears on spreads 3 and 4).  
Also spent a few hours, searching for fine old paper textures in image banks, at home (got a few old books at my place) and with a little help from my colleagues from the office. (Thanks Ricardo Alexandre and Dani Doneda!) 
A few meetings with Camilo were needed, so we could choose the right photos and documents, for each spread, so that we could tell the story, making both text and image running aside, telling together, this amazing story. 
Design by Rodolfo França
Pictures by Hélio Campos Mello/Revista Brasileiros, Ricardo Malta/N Imagens, Acervo Iconographya and Arquivo do Estado de São Paulo
Photo reproductions by Marcos Camargo 
This story was selected for the 10º Bienal Brasleira de Design Gráfico (10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial 2013)

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