INFO Exame — Guia de Aplicativos
Guia de Aplicativos (App Guide)
Special issue of INFO Exame, the most influential magazine about technology in Brazil. This was an app guide special edition.
Client: INFO Exame/Editora Abril
Art Direction & Design by Rodolfo França
Illustrations by Vitché
Photography by Rafael Evangelista
Digital Imaging by Marcelo Biscola/ArtNet Digital
After a whole year experiencing the joys of designing magazines for tablets, this was my return to print. Art Director Rafael Costa invited me to design the very first App Guide of INFO magazine. 
In the beggining, the idea was for a special issue but in the end it came up as a regular newstand monthly issue, which really puts a smile on my face.
The briefing asked for the development of a premium product, combining clever use of typography with white-space intelligence, in order to achieve refined elegance.
I came up with the cover idea of a rubik-app's cube after focusing on the rounded shape of application icons, which seemed a bit odd but kind of mandatory on this matter.
Got myself into my studio and started flicking magazines, searching for the rounded pattern until I saw Time's magazine "Pakistan cover" featuring the american and pakistan flags as a rubik's cube pattern - you can check it at

Bingo! The idea of mixing and combining column blocks fit perfectly to the idea of setting up a group of applications in order to have the perfect smartphone. Basic idea is that there's no rule to complete the puzzle as there's no rule to combine apps and organize your smartphone and your life.
After having the cover's concept approved by the Editors, I asked 3D modellist and Photoshop master Marcelo Biscola at ArtNet Digital to unleash the fury and let it happen.
Huge thanks to long-time mate Oga Mendonça for his great effort on helping me out during proofing and checking at the end of the process. Also a big thanks to INFO's design team at that time: Yana Parente, Wagner Rodrigues and Vinicius Neves.
Cover by Rodolfo França & Rafael Costa
Digital Imaging by Marcelo Biscola/ArtNet Digital

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