Galileu Redesign
In the summer of 2015 I was invited by Galileu's Art Director, Rafael Quick, to help him out in a full redesign of the magazine. He and the editor-in-chief, Gustavo Poloni, were thinking of a whole editorial change and the design would be a huge part of the transformation of the magazine. The magazine would start dealing with more controversial subjects and wanted to have a very active tone, almost rebellious, so the design had to communicate this new stronger voice. Rafael is a huge fan of vintage materials and wanted the magazine to have the look & feel inspired by wood typefaces in old advertising posters. He wanted the magazine to celebrate paper, to justify its own existence in an increasingly digital world.
We decided to work with a uncoated paper for the cover, the front and the back of the book, giving the magazine two different paper textures and we chose Commercial Type's Druk as the display font to give the wooden typefaces feel that would make the magazine unique, very different from the competition.
I was responsible for the "invisible part" of the redesign (margins, grid system, column grid system, baseline) and the typographic system, creating a set of typographic combinations, character and paragraph styles, playing with macro and micro typographic systems.
The redesign was a huge success in terms of revenue (the number of subscribers increased, the number of street sales increased, the number of advertising pages increased) and was also very much awarded: gold, silver and merit medals at The Society of News Design's competition (SND37 and SND38), medal finalist and merit medals at The Society of Publication Designer's competition (SPD51 and SPD52) and Prêmio Globo de Jornalismo (2016 and 2017).
Client: Galileu/Editora Globo
Design Consultancy by Rodolfo França
Huge thanks to Galileu's art department: Rafael Quick (Art Director), Fernanda Didini and Felipe Eugênio (Senior Designers)

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