Era uma vez na Cinelândia (Epoca São Paulo)
 A 12 pages story about São Paulo's Cinelândia. Cinelândia is an old nickname for the cinema/theater boroughs here in Brazil. Rio's has their own, and so does São Paulo. There were more than 20 cinemas in São Paulo in the 50's all in an area of 5x5 blocks. And the cinema rooms were massives, 3 thousand people in each session, it was really impressive.
The first idea for this design was to bring elements from the 50's among great pictures. Saulo Ribas, my creative director came up with the idea of exploring typography in the titles, leads and everywhere else. He showed me a spread from a magazine which I cant recall the name and that was it. The concept was there. 
We didnt have the great pictures we were expecting, so I decided to improve Saulo's idea, creating a full old journal link. I would design the whole story pretending it was designer back in the 50's, with all the elements i could think of. And I would "save" the bad-scanned-old-nearly-destroyed-pictures, having them applied to the newspaper texture.
For research, I went to a 2nd-hand bookstore looking for old newspapers but I found a book called "Primeira Pagina", a 200 page book about the first pages of São Paulo's left-wing newspaper Folha de SP, having pages from 1921 to 1998. Bought the book and rushed to the office. So much to do, so little time as usual. I also asked Renata Steffen, a great designer friend of mine who used to work for Folha de SP, for a couple of empty sheets of newspaper, so that I could photograph the way I want it and have the design done. All done in nine days, from photo research to pdf generation. 
This story won a Award of Excellence at the 2009 SND (Society of News Design), in category "Magazines Inside Features Page Design".
This story was also finalist at the Prêmio Globo de Jornalismo 2009 (Globo Jornalism Awards) in the category "Melhor Design de Matéria" ("Best Full Story  Design")

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