Ajuste o foco (Vida Simples)
Ajuste o foco (adjust your focus).
On this story, we took the headline for granted — actually, quite the opposite — we took all the focus away from the opening spread, taking the reader out of its confort zone. The blurry amount of text causes strangeness but keeps the eyes close. As the reader turns to the next page, he certainly understand the gimmick and indentifies him/herself on the sub-headlines "Mobile, SMS, Facebook. If your attention is lost between so many stimuli, it is time to focus. Concentrate on the essential."
The article is way longer than needed. Actually, the really important information were in italic and highlighted, reinforcing the storie's argument: focus adjustment and the search for the essential. Throughout the article there are also small interventions (illustrations and text pills), which are not necessarily relevant to compreendimento of matter - the purpose was, once again, draw the reader's attention out of the text and play with the theme.
Creative Direction by Rodolfo França
Design by Daniel Motta
Illustrations by Pedro Hamdan
Video by Daniel Motta
This story was a medal finalist at SPD49 and won a merit medal at SND35!  

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