My name is Rodolfo França, I'm a 35 years old freelance art director & graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in Berlin, Germany.
I have a BA degree in Advertisement and Marketing, but what really makes my heart pump is graphic design. Right after college I was hypnotized by the world of design and fell in love with typography and complex grid systems. Magazines are a passion and I've been designing them for the past 12 years, both in print and digital.
In 2017, I started working for Axel Springer's Corporate Solutions Department, one of the largest publishing houses in Europe, being in leading roles in projects for clients like Lufthansa, Volkswagen, Bosch, Roche and Roland Berger. I also worked as Acting Creative Director at WIRED Germany, replacing the CD during his paternity leave and also spent a few days with GQ Germany's team in Munich, as a freelance graphic designer. Also, I was part of the jury of the 12th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design, having judged the Book Design category and being lucky enough to have 3 projects selected, including the 2015 redesign of the magazine Galileu, which was highlighted as "best editorial project".
Before that, I worked as a freelance Art Director for Brazillian magazines like Superinteressante and Galileu, for Estudio ABC, Editora Abril's branded content house agency and for the Corporate Solutions Dept. of Axel Springer. Also, I was a member of the jury of the 5th edition of AI—AP's Latin American annual competition (Ilustración 5). 

Previously, while working as a design consultant, I was responsible for putting up a new art team and for the redesign of the Brazilian version of the fashion magazine L'Officiel. I have also worked on the redesign of Galileu, a magazine about science, culture and technology. Along with the design team, I helped reshaping Galileu's new identity and business strategy. Galileu's redesign won gold, silver and merit medals at the Society for News Design competitions (SND37 & SND38) and merit medals at the Society of Publication Designers Awards (SPD51 & SPD52).

Formerly I was the Art Director at Bons Fluidos and Vida Simples magazine. As the head of Art, Design and Photography in both teams, I had to oversee the look and feel of both magazines, lead both art teams, design the covers and guide the visual aesthetic of both brands. Bons Fluidos is a women's interest magazine about self-awareness, well being and spiritual growth. Vida Simples is a magazine about personal transformation, sustainability and ethic relations.

Both Bons Fluidos and Vida Simples were medal finalists at the Society of Publication Designers Awards (SPD49 and SPD50) and won three merit awards. Both magazines were also awarded at the Society for News Design competitions (SND35 and SND36), with a total of seven merit medals, including a medal for "Overall Design" for Vida Simples. 
Before that, as a freelance Art Director, I was responsible for special issues of Superinteressante, the biggest Brazilian magazine on science, culture and technology. I designed and art directed the visuals for issues "The Seven Deadly Sins" and "The Greatest Bible's Battles". "The Seven Deadly Sins" was selected for the 10th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design. I also art-directed a special issue of INFO Exame, a magazine on business and technology and served as a freelance designer at Playboy Brasil Magazine, where I designed the departments sections and feature stories, also been responsible for a redesign of the fashion/style section.

Previously I was a Digital Art Director at GQ Brasil, where I oversaw the design, the videos, the interactives and the whole user experience of GQ's digital versions (iPad and Galaxy). Been working so close to the art department, I also designed features stories for the print version and helped them during print shippings. GQ Brasil's tablet version was selected for the 10th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design.

Formerly, as a freelance Senior Designer, I designed Rio de Janeiro's 2010 Marathon's Official Magazine, a custom publishing product of Runner's World Brasil and also worked for National Geographic Brasil where I designed the 10 years in Brazil commemorative seal which was used in every NatGeo product across the year.

Before that I was a Senior Designer at Época São Paulo magazine, where I helped run the day-to-day operations and designed the front-of-the-book, departments and features. I was also responsible for the first full redesign of the magazine. Época São Paulo was a monthly magazine about the city of São Paulo and was also awarded with two merit medals at the Society for News Design competition (SND31).
Previously I moved to London/UK to improve my knowledge of English and work as the Art Director at Jungle Drums, an independent magazine about Brazilian culture, where I had to lead the art team, design the covers and features and oversee the whole editorial direction.

My designer career started at BIZZ, one of the biggest music magazines in Brazil. As a junior designer, I was responsible for both front and back-of-the-book and had to commission illustrations and photos. I had also to art direct photoshoots, oversee image retouching and manage contracts and invoices for photographers and illustrators. Also had to proof page the whole magazine and ship the files to print.
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